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Tuesday to Sunday
5:00pm - 10:00pm
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Fortune House Takeaway
59 Victoria Road
St Austell
PL25 4QF
Tel: 01726 70088 ( No card payment via phone or collection)
Fortune House Takeaway
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We are now under new management with a brand new chef team. We are open Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday.

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At Fortune House we believe in using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our well trained team works in a highly equipped and hygienic environment allowing us to provide a consistently high standard for each and everyone of our customers.

If you have any food allergies please contact us prior to ordering, we'll do our best to advise you.

Featured Items

Top Appetisers

Pancake Roll (1 large)£2.80Qty:
Prawn on toast (4 pieces)£3.40Qty:
Spare Ribs in Barbecue Sauce£6.00Qty:
Chicken Kebab with Satay Sauce (3 pieces)£4.30Qty:
Vegetarian Mini Roll (10 pieces)£3.20Qty:
Crispy Seaweed£4.00Qty:
Crispy Won Ton (10 pieces)£4.00Qty:
Spring Roll (4 small)£3.80Qty:
Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup£3.20Qty:
Duck Meat & Vegetable Soup£3.60Qty:
Vegetable Soup£3.20Qty:
Hot & Sour Soup£3.60Qty:
Chicken & Noodle Soup£3.20Qty:
Chicken & Mushroom Soup£3.20Qty:

Top Chicken Dishes

Chicken with Oyster Sauce£5.70Qty:
Chicken with Cashew Nuts£5.70Qty:
Chicken with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£5.70Qty:
Chicken with Hot Sweet & Sour Sauce£5.70Qty:
Chicken with Ginger & Pineapple£5.70Qty:
Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion£5.70Qty:
Chicken with Tomato£5.70Qty:
Chicken with Pineapple£5.70Qty:

Top Beef Dishes

Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£6.00Qty:
Beef with Bamboo Shoots£6.00Qty:
Beef in Hot Sweet and Sour Sauce£6.00Qty:
Beef in Oyster Sauce£6.00Qty:
Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion£6.00Qty:
Beef with Tomato£6.00Qty:
Beef with Beansprouts£6.00Qty:
Beef with Mushroom£6.00Qty:

Top Roast Pork Dishes

Roast Pork in Home Made Soya Sauce£6.00Qty:
Roast Pork with Ginger & Spring Onion£6.00Qty:
Roast Pork with Beansprouts£6.00Qty:
Roast Pork with Mushroom£6.00Qty:

Top Roast Duck Dishes

Roast Duck with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£7.00Qty:
Roast Duck in Plum SAuce£7.00Qty:
Roast Duck in Home Made Soya Sauce£7.00Qty:
Roast Duck win Orange Sauce£7.00Qty:
Roast Duck with Pineapple£7.00Qty:
Roast Duck with Beansprouts£7.00Qty:
Roast Duck with Bamboo Shoots£7.00Qty:
Roast Duck with Mushroom£7.00Qty:

Top Seafood Dishes

Squid with Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30Qty:
Squid with Garlic, Salt and Pepper£6.30Qty:
King Prawn with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£6.30Qty:
King Prawn with Garlic, Salt and Pepper£6.30Qty:
King Prawn with Ginger & Spring Onion£6.30Qty:
King Prawn with Tomato£6.30Qty:
King Prawn with Cashew Nuts£6.30Qty:
King Prawn with Bamboo Shoots£6.30Qty:

Top Vegetable Dishes

Broccoli in Oyster Sauce£4.20Qty:
Mixed Vegetable£5.00Add to Cart
When ordering choose one of the following sauces to go with the veg: Black Bean Sauce, Satay Sauce. Sweet and Saur Sauce, Gan Shei Sauce, Garlic & Chilli Sauce, Cantonese Sauce or Curry Sauce
Baby Corn & Straw Mushroom£4.00Qty:
Mixed Vegetable with Cashew Nuts£5.00Qty:
Mushroom Curry£4.20Qty:
Salt and Spicy Mushroom£4.20Qty:
Garlic Mushroom£4.20Qty:

Top Sweet & Sour Dishes

Sweet and Sour Chicken (Hong Kong Style)£5.70Qty:
Hong Kong Style
Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls£5.70Qty:
(10 Pieces)
Sweet and Sour King Prawn Balls£6.30Qty:
(10 Pieces)
Sweet and Sour Beef£6.00Qty:
Hong Kong Style
Sweet and Sour Pork Balls£6.00Qty:
(10 Pieces)
Sweet and Sour Mixed Meat Balls£7.00Qty:
(10 Pieces)
Sweet and Sour King Prawn£6.30Qty:
Hong Kong Style
Sweet and Sour Pork£6.00Qty:
Hong Kong Style

Top Curry Dishes

King Prawn Curry£6.30Qty:
Beef Curry£6.00Qty:
Lamb Curry£6.70Qty:
Shrimp Curry£6.30Qty:
Roast Duck Curry£7.00Qty:
Roast Pork Curry£6.00Qty:
Chicken Curry£5.70Qty:
Chef's Special Curry£7.00Qty:
With Mixed Meat

Top Satay Dishes

Chicken in Satay Sauce£5.70Qty:
Lamb in Satay Sauce£6.70Qty:
Beef in Satay Sauce£6.00Qty:
Shrimp in Satay Sauce£6.30Qty:
King Prawn in Satay Sauce£6.30Qty:
Roast Duck in Satay Sauce£7.00Qty:
Roast Pork in Satay Sauce£6.00Qty:

Top Fried Rice Dishes

Yong Chow Fried Rice£5.70Qty:
Chef's Special Fried Rice£7.00Qty:
Fried Mixed Meat on top of Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice£5.70Qty:
King Prawn Fried Rice£6.30Qty:
Roast Duck Fried Rice£7.00Qty:
Beef Fried Rice£6.00Qty:
Thai Style Fried Rice
Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice£5.00Qty:

Top Chow Mein Dishes

Both Crispy & Soft Noodles are Available

Chicken Chow Mein£5.70Add to Cart
Chef's Special Chow Mein£7.00Add to Cart
Singapore Chow Mein
Soft noodles only
Yung Chow Chow Mein£5.80Qty:
Soft noodles only
King Prawn Chow Mein£6.30Add to Cart
Roast Duck Chow Mein£7.00Add to Cart
Roast Pork Chow Mein£6.00Add to Cart
Beef Chow Mein£6.00Add to Cart

Top English Dishes

All served with chips

Plain Omelette£5.30Qty:
Mixed Vegetable Omelette£5.50Qty:
Mushroom Omelette£5.50Qty:
Mixed Meat Omelette£7.00Qty:
Ham Omelette£6.30Qty:
Shrimp Omelette£6.70Qty:
King Prawn Omelette£6.70Qty:
Roast Pork Omelette£6.30Qty:

Top Foo Yung Dishes

(Stir Fried Egg)

Ham Foo Young£6.00Qty:
Shrimp Foo Young£6.30Qty:
King Prawn Foo Young£6.30Qty:
Mushroom Foo Young£5.30Qty:
Roast Pork Foo Young£6.00Qty:
Chicken Foo Young£5.70Qty:
Mixed Meat Foo Young£7.00Qty:
Pork, Chicken, Shrimp

Top Desserts

Pineapple Fritter£2.60Add to Cart
Apple Fritter£2.60Add to Cart
Banana Fritter£2.60Add to Cart

Top Chilli & Honey Dishes

Chilli & Honey Chicken£5.70Qty:
Chilli & Honey Squid£6.70Qty:
Chilli & Honey Spare Ribs£6.00Qty:
Chilli & Honey Duck£7.00Qty:
Chilli & Honey King Prawn£6.30Qty:
Chilli & Honey Lamb£6.70Qty:
Chilli & Honey Beef£6.00Qty:

Top Garlic & Chilli Dishes (Spicy)

Garlic & Chilli Mixed Meat
Garlic & Chilli Mixed VegetableSuitable for Vegetarians
Garlic & Chilli Duck
Garlic & Chilli Squid
Garlic & Chilli Shrimp
Garlic & Chilli King Prawn
Garlic & Chilli Lamb
Garlic & Chilli Beef

Top Black Pepper Sauce Dishes

Mixed Vegetables in Black Pepper Sauce£5.00Qty:
Squid in Black Pepper Sauce£6.70Qty:
King Prawn in Black Pepper Sauce£6.30Qty:
Lamb in Black Pepper Sauce£6.70Qty:
Roast Duck in Black Pepper Sauce£7.00Qty:
Roast Pork in Black Pepper Sauce£6.00Qty:
Beef in Black Pepper Sauce£6.00Qty:
Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce£5.70Qty:

Top Chop Suey Dishes

Shrimp Chop Suey£6.30Qty:
King Prawn Chop Suey£6.30Qty:
Roast Duck Chop Suey£7.00Qty:
Roast Pork Chop Suey£6.00Qty:
Beef Chop Suey£6.00Qty:
Chicken Chop Suey£5.70Qty:
Chef's Special Chop Suey£7.00Qty:
with mixed meat

Top Hot & Spicy Dishes (Spicy)

Hot and Spicy Squid
Hot and Spicy Shrimp
Hot and Spicy King Prawn
Hot and Spicy Lamb
Hot and Spicy Duck
Hot and Spicy Roast Pork
Hot and Spicy beef
Hot and Spicy Chicken

Top Cantonese Sauce Dishes

Roast pork in Cantonese Sauce£6.00Qty:
Chicken in Cantonese Sauce£5.70Qty:
Squid in Cantonese Sauce£6.70Qty:
King Prawn in Cantonese Sauce£6.30Qty:
Lamb in Cantonese Sauce£6.70Qty:
Roast Duck in Cantonese Sauce£7.00Qty:
Beef in Cantonese Sauce£6.00Qty:

Top Thai Style Chilli Dishes

Fried Chicken in Thai Style Chilli Sauce£5.70Qty:
Fried Squid in Thai Style Chilli Sauce£6.70Qty:
Fried King Prawn in Thai Style Chilli Sauce£6.30Qty:
Roast Duck in Thai Style Chilli Sauce£7.00Qty:
Roast Pork in Thai Style Chilli Sauce£6.00Qty:
Fried Beef in Thai Style Chilli Sauce£6.00Qty:

Top Chef's Specials

Shredded Crispy Chilli Beef in Peking Sauce£6.00Qty:
Garlic and Butter Beef - NEW!£6.00Qty:
Crispy Chicken with Garlic, Salt and Pepper£5.70Qty:
Chopped Crispy Chicken in Lemon Sauce£5.70Qty:
Garlic and Butter Chicken - NEW!£5.70Qty:
Shredded Crispy Chilli Chicken in Peking Sauce£5.70Qty:
Chicken in Szechuan Hot Bean Sauce
Garlic and Butter King Prawn - NEW!£6.30Qty:

Top Happy Meal (Mix & Match)

Happy meal for one£10.50Qty:
Spring Rolls, sweet and sour chicken, Egg fried rice

Top Good Value Set Meals

Dish can be changed on the set menus on request. For all set meals, there is extra £10 for each additional person.

Meal B for 2 Personsfrom £30.00Add to Cart
1. Mixed Starter: Prawn on Toast, Chicken Curry Parcel, BBQ Spare Ribs, Spring Rolls, King Prawn in Batter, Satay Chicken on Skewer 2. 1.4 Crispy Aromatic Duck Main Course 3. Kung po Chicken with Cashewnut 4. Crispy Chilli Beef 5.King Prawn Garlic Salt & Pepper 6. Singapore Fried Rice
Meal D for 4 Personsfrom £48.00Add to Cart
1. Mixed Starter: prawn on Toast, Chicken Curry Parcel, Honey Spare Ribs, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Satay Chicken on Skewer, King Prawn in Batter, Crispy Seaweed 2.1/2 Crispy Aromatic Duck Main Course 3. Salt and Spicy Chicken Strip 4. Beef in Black Pepper Sauce 5. Lamb with Ginger & Spring Onion 6. Yung Chow Fried Rice / Thai Style Fried Rice
Meal C for 3 Personsfrom £37.00Add to Cart
1. Mixed Starter: Prawn on Toast, Chicken Curry Parcel, Kin Du Spare Ribs, King Prawn in Batter, Satay Chicken on Skewer 22. 1/4 Crispy Aromatic Duck Main Course 3. Chilli & Honey Chicken 4. Beef in Black Pepper Sauce 5. King prawn in Szechuan hot Bean Sauce 6. Yung Chow Fried Rice
Meal A for 2 Personsfrom £23.00Add to Cart
1.Mixed Starter: .Prawn on Toast, Chicken Curry Parcel, BBQ Spare Ribs, Spring Rolls, Crispy Won Ton Main Course: 2. Sweet and Sour Chicken 3. Beef in Black bean Sauce 4. Garlic Mushroom 5. Yung Chow Fried Rice

Top Extra Portions

Egg Fried Rice£2.80Qty:
Plain Chow Mein (Soft Noodles)£3.40Qty:
Curry Sauce£1.90Qty:
330ml Can
Sausages (5) with Chips£4.70Qty:
Prawn Crackers£2.00Qty:
Barbeque Sauce£1.90Qty: